This fire department recognized the need for a group of community members to help and support our firefighters, while on or off the emergency scene. This group would promote the spirit of friendship and understanding among the firefighters and members of the auxiliary. This group may also assist other non-profit and/or community groups with projects, allowing the auxiliary to be involved in supporting the fire department and also supporting other groups in the community as well.

core Values

Recognizing the dedication, skill and value of all members of the fire department including all members of the auxiliary, we will create and maintain an environment of individual safety, well-being and trust. We are guided by; service to others, teamwork, compassion, integrity, safety, honesty, accountability, professionalism and respect.

volunteer with the Ladies Auxiliary

Ladies Auxiliary FAQ

A. Listed below are the requirements for membership of the Auxiliary with the Fire Department: • Shall be sixteen (16) years of age. • Anyone still in high school wanting to join the Auxiliary shall have at least a “C” in all academic classes at the time of application; B average will be expected as long as the person is a part of the Auxiliary or until the completion of High School. Grades will be evaluated by the President of the Auxiliary. • The candidate will be subjected to a criminal history check and review in accordance with Fire Department policy to identify criminal history and/or undue risk and may be declined membership if it is determined that membership of the candidate places an undue risk on the Fire Department. • Anyone wanting to join the Auxiliary shall complete a Fire Department application for membership. The Fire Chief and President of the Auxiliary shall obtain a Background Check, administer a Drug Test and receive a “Negative” result to the Drug Test before allowing the applicant to start participating. The Board of Directors holds the final authority on allowing anyone to join the department. If the Fire Chief and President of the Auxiliary don’t agree on someone, then they both attend the next Board Meeting and the Board of Directors shall decide on if the person is allowed to join the department as an Auxiliary Member.

A. No, however, members must either be from within the Pumpkin Center Fire District or have a relative who is a member of the Pumpkin Center Fire Department or Ladies Auxiliary.

A. The primary function of the Ladies Auxiliary is to be available to assist our firefighters with necessary refreshments when they respond to a fire or any other serious emergency that may occur within our community.